Wheel Repair

Cracked or scratched rims? We can make them look like new!

Flat Repair

Flat tired? We can fix it and get you on the road!


Car not driving right? We use a laser alignment to get it right!

Motorcycle Wheels

Cracked motorcycle wheels? We fix all motorcycle rims!

Brake Calipers

Custom brake calipers to make your wheels stand out!

Powder Coating

Make your wheels pop with powder coating!

To Wheel Masters

From wheel repair to alignment , custom brake calipers to diagnostics and more... Wheel Masters is the RGVs wheel and rim service center. Our dedicated team of professionals can fix your wheels and get you rolling.


Easy Wheel & Rim Repair


We know your time is important! That’s why at Wheel Masters RGV we offer a free text quote. Just take a couple photos of your rims/wheels and text them to us: 956-212-0812, and we can get you an estimate of how much it should be to fix them.

Then you can come visit us when you are available to have them repaired! Our estimates are good for 1 week, so bring the car/truck by whenever you have free time. Our text estimates are just another way we try to make your life easier, because at Wheel Masters we value your time!

TEXT: 956-212-0812

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Wheel Repair

Scratched or dented rims? Scuffed up wheels? We can help! Wheel Masters RGV can make your wheels look like new. No need to buy a new set of rims, we can fix them for you!

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Wheel Alignment

Is your car not driving right? Do you have to hold the wheel at an angle just to get it to go straight? Wheel Masters RGV uses a laser alignment that gets your car driving right and driving straight!

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Wheel Balance

Have your wheels balanced can greatly extend the life of your tires! A wheel balance at Wheel Masters RGV is a great way to get your ride feeling smooth and clean and extending your tires’ life.

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Wheel Masters RGV Can Get You A Free Quote On Repair And More...


Whether It's Custom Calipers Or Fixed Rims, We Can Help Your Car!

Rim Repair

We Fixed Cracked & Scratched Wheels & Rims.


We Get Your Wheels Aligned & Balanced!

See the Wheel Masters Difference!

Our Team Spends Countless Hours To Make Sure Your Rims, Wheels And Car Look Good And Work Properly!
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We Work On All Makes & Models


Our Customers

John Smith
All I needed for my car was a set of nice rims with good quality tires. I found everything here, in one place. Thanks
John Smith
Chris Phillips
I appreciate your help with installation, as well as fast delivery, individual approach and affordable cost. Thanks a lot!
Chris Phillips
Adam Jones
I loved the service, the range of products and the overall atmosphere in your store. You guys are real professionals.
Adam Jones