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wheel masters rgv

[vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1538419958526{margin-top: -0.35rem !important;}”]Wheel Masters RGV is your wheel & rim headquarters. We understand a lot rides on your car, and not only do you want to be safe and reliable, you also want it to look slick.

Wheel Masters RGV Is the Valley’s leading wheel repair, wheel alignment, balancing of wheels, customized brake calipers, diagnostics and more. We make taking care of your ride, easy. Our one of a kind service department makes scheduling your vehicle repair easy and the turn around time to when you get your ride back, fast.

Our dedicated team of professionals can fix your rims, paint them, align them and more. Our team has over 30 years in working with wheels & rims, so we can get yours looking & working perfectly again![/vc_column_text]

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100% guarantee!

We guarantee the work we do on your wheels, rims and calipers.

Free Quote

Bring your car buy, or send us a photo, for a FREE, no-obligation quote.
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Foreign & Domestic

From Audi to Ford, We Service All Cars' Wheels & Rims!
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Pick up & Drop Off

Wheel Masters Has A Free Pick Up & Drop Off Service For Your Convenience!
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